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Thoughts for 2017    

Isn't it wonderful to have a clean slate for the New Year?  Time to appreciate the beauty of nature, even if it is a bit chilly.  Time to reflect on what we have done, as well as what we would like to accomplish.  Like a barren winter landscape, the year ahead simply needs ideas, color, and imagination to bring it to life.

What is it that you desire for your health, appearance and well-being?  Starting with just one small change can start the process.  A wise man once told me,"any plan reliably put into motion is as good as accomplished".  Getting started is the hard part, so make a reasonable change.  Take care of yourself first.  Once that is under control, you will have the patience and energy to help those around you!

Take a tip from nature.  Harmony exists within our universe.  Harmony is meant to exist within our bodies.  Take a minute to assess yourself, and decide what you need....what will make you feel better and function more efficiently.

Eliminate clutter.  Not only the physical "stuff" but the mental "stuff" as well.  If other peoples' drama or baggage complicates your life, step back and take a deep breath.  Sometimes putting a little distance between yourself and the circumstances which affect you allows a fresh view and better perspective.

Reward yourself for a goal accomplished!  Learn to celebrate your successes as well as honestly evaluate your failures.  There will be both as you travel the road of life. 

Seek sources of treatment to enhance your appearance and well-being.  Become informed.  Ask questions.  Be your own advocate.  Even after our best efforts, we sometimes need to admit that we made a bad choice.  The good news is that the correction is simply to change our mind and choose again!  Change is a great catalyst...when nothing is ventured, nothing will be gained.  With unconditional commitment, anyone can make an enormous difference in the world. 

So much for what is running around in my head today.  Next time my thoughts will work on Dentistry!  Have a great  2017!!

Dr. Marsha

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